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August 2019 - Sparkling Water

August 2019 - Sparkling Water
This month's Spirits feature is Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water Reviews

Schweppes Club Soda
95 points
A super clean club soda that will become your next go-to bubbly.
Awards: 2019 World Cocktail Championships - 4th Place Highball Water
La Croix Passionfruit Sparkling Water
94 points
Big pops of fruity, citrus-like aromas are complimented by subtle hints of minerals and herbs; a delicious sparkling water that is great on its own but will also be a creative addition to craft cocktails.
Simply Balanced Alkaline Water + Electrolytes Purified Water
94 points
A clean water that cleanses and quenches; fresh and spring-like.
Perrier Peach Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water
93 points
A tropical sparkling water that packs tons of flavor in each sip.
Perrier Sparkling Water
93 points
Essentia Overachieving H2O Purified Water
92 points
A silky-smooth, mineral-rich still water that cleanses and compliments; ideal for dinner.
Evian Natural Spring Water
92 points
A clean and quenching spring water with a great sense of place.
Simply Balanced Ginger Peach Sparkling Water
92 points
Generous notes of stone fruit fills the palate; this is the richly flavored sparkling water for refined palates.
San Pellegrino Essenza Lemon & Lemon Zest Sparkling Flavored Water
91 points
A zesty and well-balanced flavored sparkling water with an all-natural appeal.
Perrier LOrange Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water
90 points
A lightly flavored sparkling water with a subtle citrus essence; elegant bubbles and a refined, palate-cleansing style.
VOSS Strawberry Ginger Flavored Sparkling Water
90 points
A round and thoughtfully flavored sparkling water that elevates the category.
Dasani Purified Water
89 points
A pure and neutral water with a very balanced taste; weighty but never heavy.
Smartwater Vapor Distilled Water
88 points
A round and stately water that offers pure minerality and a clean palate-cleansing finish.
The Mountain Valley Mountain Valley Spring Water
88 points
Crisp, clean, and mineral-driven; this stony water will be an excellent compliment to fine meals.
Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral Water
88 points
Tight, lively bubbles star in this clean and crisp sparkling water.
Awards: 2019 World Cocktail Championships - 1st Place Highball Water
Canada Dry Club Soda
87 points
A gentle and elegant club soda with kisses of refreshing lemony notes.
Awards: 2019 World Cocktail Championships - 3rd Place Highball Water
VOSS Raspberry Rose Flavored Sparkling Water
87 points
A mouthwatering berry sparkling water that offers intense fruity character in a refreshingly dry package.
Cedea Dolomiti Frizzante Mineral Water
87 points
A clean, palate cleansing sparkling water with great minerality.
Q Club Soda
83 points
A crisp, clean, and focused club soda with explosive carbonation; ideal for mixing with spirits or drinking over ice.
Awards: 2019 World Cocktail Championships - 2nd Place Highball Water