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February 2019 - Asian Spirits

February 2019 - Asian Spirits
This month's Spirit feature is Asian Spirits

Asian Spirits Reviews

Teeda Japanese Rum
95 points
A distinctive, chewy rum with pervasive notes of dried mango; memorable daiquiri riffs incoming.
95 points $36.95
Etsu Handcrafted Gin
94 points
A masculine of center gin with pervasive notes of dried herbs.
94 points $39.99
Kirishima Shuzo Kuro Kirishima EX Shochu
92 points
A chewy, savory Shochu that will make a great dinner pairing; lots of nuance to explore.
Grace Cor Cor Red Okinawan White Rum
91 points
A arak-like rum with piles of smoky, funky notes that will be a secret weapon to add nuance in cocktails; one of the most distinctive rums you'll try.
Takahashi Brewery Ginrei Shiro Shochu
90 points
Best Buy
A silky, fruity shochu with a friendly personality; a nice transition for sake drinkers.
90 points $22 Best Buy
Tanduay White Rum
89 points
Best Buy
A clean Cuban-style rum with endless cocktail possibilities.
89 points $11.99 Best Buy
Helios Distillery Kura The Whiskey
89 points
A smoky malt for superb highballs.
Ramallah Golden Arak
88 points
Best Buy
A nicely spiced arak with velvety texture and in-check heat.
88 points $20 Best Buy
Kweichow Moutai Legendary China Collection Baijiu
88 points
A balanced Baiju with a full spectrum of sweet, salty, and umami flavors.
Tanduay Dark Rum
84 points
A sweet rum that will work in a variety of mixed drinks.
84 points $12.99
Cremisan Wine Estates 35 Year Old Brandy
83 points
A sweet and mixable brandy with rum-like flavors.