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May 2018 - Citrus Liqueurs & Triple Sec Liqueurs

May 2018 - Citrus Liqueurs & Triple Sec Liqueurs
This month's spirits feature is Fruit Liqueurs & Triple Sec & Light Bitter Liqueurs

Citrus Liqueurs & Triple Sec Liqueurs Reviews

Tequilcello Limon Tequila Liqueur
96 points
Minutely hazy golden straw color. Aromas and flavors of gentian and pine sap, spicy roasted lemon marmalade, wormwood tea and linseed, and grapefruit peel with a glycerous, vibrant, fruity sweet medium body and a graceful, distinctive, very long finish that presents accents of lemon blossom honey and alpine herbs finish. A wonderfully pure and flavorful three-dimensional lemon liqueur.
Awards: 2018 Best Citrus Liqueur
96 points $29.95
broVo Orange Curacao
91 points
Minutely hazy gold color. Fruity, spicy aromas of orange oil, rum cake, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla bean with a glycerous, vibrant, very sweet medium body and a smooth, distinctive, long turbinado sugar finish. A rich and spicy citrus liqueur with superb acidity and length.
91 points $27.99
Mandarine Napoléon Grande Cuvée Orange Liqueur
91 points
Brilliant golden amber color. Citrusy aromas and flavors of tangerine and kumquat marmalades, chocolate orange peels, and hint of wax and pepper with an oily, bright, moderately sweet medium body and a warming, delightful, medium-long finish with notes of honeyed orange zests, peppercorns, apple brandy in black tea, and cedar and green anise finish. A lovely orange liqueur with a warming brandy character.
91 points $32.99
FAIR Kumquat Liqueur
88 points
Best Buy
Clear color. Fruity aromas and flavors of orange creamsicle and curd with a silky, bright, fruity sweet light-to-medium body and a smooth, brisk finish that shows accents of candied tangerine peel and simple syrup finish. A pure and tasty orange liqueur that will mix well.
88 points $16 Best Buy
Florida Old Reserve Orange Liqueur
87 points
Brilliant clear color. Hot, sweet aromas of orange jell-o and lemon-lime soda with a glycerous, crisp, moderately sweet medium body and a hot, brisk peppercorns and orange candies finish. A wholly mixable orange liqueur to keep on hand.
87 points $19.99