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February 2020 - Lager

February 2020 - Lager
This month's Beer feature is Lager

Lager Reviews

Hofmühl Hell
97 points
A brilliant, vibrant helles with pinpoint precision and generous flavor.
97 points $1.17
Hofmühl Privat Pils
94 points
A spot on pilsner with impressive drinkability.
Hofmühl Original Rother Kellerbier
93 points
A round and chewy Zwickl.
Sigwart Hell
93 points
A crisp, malt-forward, appetizing helles with instant appeal and flavorful crushability.
Federbräu German Single Malt
89 points
A clean, crisp pilsner sure to please.
Chang Classic Beer
88 points
A tasty and easy drinking lager that is sure to please.
Broken Tooth Brewing Pribilof Pounder Lager
85 points
A crisp and tangy lager for happy hour.
Barrow Brewing Co. Lagersaurus Tex
84 points
A funky, earthy lager for the table.
Full Sail Brewing Co. Sesion Cerveza Mexican Style Lager
84 points
A light, crisp lawnmower beer to quench your thirst.
Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Printers Everyday Yellow Pilsner
84 points
A lively, hoppy lager with a savory center.
Full Sail Brewing Co. Session Premium Lager
83 points
An easy breezy lager for the beach.
McFleshman’s Brewing Co. Pirates Cove Lager
83 points
A smooth, sweet lager for dessert lovers.
Grand Junction Brewing Co. My Dirty Dancer
82 points
A sweeter take on a classic American lager style.
Amelia Island Brewing Co. Blue House Mexican Lager
81 points
A serviceable Vienna lager for pub grub.
Pagosa Brewing Company EisBahn Lager
81 points
A hoppy earthy lager for the table.