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November 2019 - Stouts & Porters

November 2019 - Stouts & Porters
This month's Beer feature is Stouts & Porters

Stouts & Porters Reviews

Lift Bridge Beer Company Silhouette Imperial Stout 2019
94 points
A mature Imperial stout with dark caverns of flavor to explore; boozy, brawny, and worth it.
Lift Bridge Beer Company Warden Milk Stout
91 points
A palate pleasing stout with great balance and drinkability.
Vancouver Island Brewing Nanaimo Bar Porter
88 points
A smooth and slightly herbal flavored porter.
Etna Brewing Co. Kappler Imperial Stout
87 points
A complex, vinous Imperial stout with a plethora of big, bold flavors to unpack; rich and satisfying.
Etna Brewing Co. Old Grind Porter
85 points
A friendly, mild and easy-going porter; a nice introduction to the category.
Etna Brewing Co. Grubstake Oatmeal Stout
85 points
A rich and robust oatmeal stout for autumn sessions.
XIshanqingxue Sweet Stout
84 points
A fruity yet heavy stout that offers an interesting mashup of flavors.