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May 2019 - Great Lakes Beer Competition

May 2019 - Great Lakes Beer Competition
This month's Beer feature is Great Lakes Beer Competition

Great Lakes Beer Competition Reviews

Argus Brewery Golden Prairie Honey Ginger Beer
94 points
Pale clear light gold color. Aromas of plantain, vanilla bean, saltine cracker, and lavender with a silky, spritzy, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a seamless, captivating, brisk candied lemon peel, sesame, candied ginger, and coconut flake finish. A snappy, tasty ginger flavored beer that will be versatile.
Great Lakes Brewing Co. Commodore Perry IPA
94 points
Clear pale medium old gold color. Aromas of melon rind, light molasses, pickled ginger, and mango with a silky, petillant, fruity sweet medium body and a smooth, stimulating, medium-length rye crusts, apricot jam, endive salad, and honey nuts finish. A generously delicious and satisfying semi-traditional English style IPA with lots of great flavor and texture to offer.
Great Lakes Brewing Co. Dortmunder Gold Lager
94 points
Clear medium light old gold color. Aromas of wheat cracker, romaine heart, tomato paste, and dried lemon with a soft, spritzy, dryish light-to-medium body and an effortless, short puffed rice cereal, peanut shell, proofing white bread, and lemon pith finish. A light, malty beer for hot days at the ballpark.
Great Lakes Brewing Co. Great Lakes IPA
93 points
Clear pale light golden yellow color. Aromas of raw green onion, bloomy rind cheese, and fresh cut grass with a syrupy, soft, petillant, moderately sweet full body and a graceful, rapid lemon pound cake, white toast, mandarin orange segment, and roasted carrots finish. A tropical flavor packed IPA with lots to offer.
Great Lakes Brewing Co. Eliot Ness Amber Lager
91 points
Brilliant medium dark sunburst color. Aromas of rye toast, dried caramel chew, and black peppercorn with a soft, effervescent, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a smooth, interesting, medium-length toasted walnut, granola, cherry pit, and arugula finish. A round and satisfying amber ale with great balance and a snappy finish.
Argus Brewery Golden Prairie Maple Stout
89 points
Dark opaque walnut color. Aromas of coffee with cream, dried jerky, Tootsie roll, and roasted cherry with a creamy, soft, spritzy, moderately sweet medium-to-full body and a graceful, charming, medium-length cola nut, balsamic reduction, peanut shell, and smoked maple syrup finish. A lively and engaging lightly flavored stout that lets the beer do the talking.