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April 2019 - Seasonal Debuts, New Brands, and Fresh Cans

April 2019 - Seasonal Debuts, New Brands, and Fresh Cans
This month's Beer feature is Seasonal Debuts, New Brands, and Fresh Cans

Seasonal Debuts, New Brands, and Fresh Cans Reviews

Hofmühl Weissbier Leicht
95 points
A fantastically pure and delicious hefeweizen that is a great example of the style; liquid sunshine.
Fulton Brewing Company 300 Mosaic IPA
93 points
An in-your-face IPA that hits all the right notes.
Unibroue Don de Dieu Belgian-Style Wheat Ale
93 points
A finely balanced and delectable Belgian blonde ale for all occasions.
Unibroue Éphémère Pomme Flavored Wheat Ale
92 points
A very tasty, balanced and refreshing apple flavored beer that really hits the spot; one for the beach.
Vancouver Island Brewing Nanaimo Bar Imperial Porter
92 points
A rich, warming and deliciously chocolatey porter in the imperial vein.
Carolina Brewery Copperline Amber Ale
91 points
A savory and table friendly amber ale.
Fulton Brewing Company Hopstar Session IPA
91 points
A bright and light session ale that delivers a wallop of hoppy goodness.
Carolina Brewery Sky Blue Kolsch
90 points
A clean and tasty kolsch that refreshes and delights.
Fulton Brewing Company Lonely Blonde Ale
90 points
A rock solid golden ale with a deft use of floral hops.
Stawski Classic Honey Beer
90 points
A pure and tasty honey flavored ale with nice length, balance, and solid beer character underneath the fruity sweetness.
Unibroue Blanche de Chambly Belgian-Style White Ale
90 points
A refreshing delicately balanced witbier.
Veza Sur Brewing Co. La Yuma Dark Lager
90 points
A crisp and quenching dark lager that will pair nicely.
Unibroue Á Tout Le Monde Megadeth Saison
89 points
A crisp and spicy saison crusher.
Veza Sur Brewing Co. Mala Yerba Session IPA
89 points
A mouthwatering and quenching session IPA that is sure to please.
Veza Sur Brewing Co. Mangolandia Blonde Ale
89 points
A nice tropical fruit beer for carefree sipping.
Fulton Brewing Company Standard Lager
88 points
A friendly, pleasing, fuller bodied lager.
Unibroue Blonde de Chambly Saison
88 points
An attractive and appetizing dry saison with great drinkability and a lovely floral note.
Vancouver Island Brewing Champagne Powder Belgian Brut IPA
88 points
Belgian yeast with intense hops to create an IPA for adventurous drinkers.
Veza Sur Brewing Co. Spanglish Lager
80 points
A solid beer for the ballpark or lawn.