About English Style Brown Ale

About English Style Brown Ale
English style brown ales are reddish-brown in color and range from 4.5-6% in alcohol. These brews are malt-accented with a nutty character, a gentle fruitiness and low bitterness. Today, this style is most closely associated with Northern England, specifically Samuel Smiths and Newcastle. It has also become very popular with US brewers. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Newcastle Brown Ale, Sam Smith’s Nut Brown Ale, Sweetwater Georgia Brown and Bell’s Best Brown.

Top Picks for English Style Brown Ale

Sun Up Brewing Company Tanline Brown Ale
83 points
Walnut color. Aromas of chocolate nut cake, hint of teriyaki jerky, and buttery caramel with an dry-yet-fruity light body and a tingling, uncommon, crisp stewed tropical fruits, Elvis sandwich on German rye bread, gas station coffee, and sautéed mustard greens and canned spinach finish. A curious brew for the adventurous few.