About Amber Ale

About Amber Ale
Amber ales can be anywhere from light copper to light brown in color and typically range from 4.5-6.5% in alcohol. They are light-to-medium bodied and are quite malty but not heavily caramelized in flavor. This is a more modern, non-traditional style, and many of these beers borrow heavily from the characteristics associated with more classical styles such as pale ales or bitters. Many North American brewers are now producing ales under this designation. We also classify “red ales” in this category. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Full Sail Amber Ale, Rogue American Amber Ale and Stone Levitation Ale.

Top Picks for Amber Ale

Independence Harbor Amber Ale
92 points
Very clean fermentation with delicious roasted malts and playful fruit expressions on the palate.
92 points $7.99
Ike & Oak Brewing Co. OlTrigger Amber Ale
89 points
Nice balance of malt, yeast, and hops flavoring for an everyday sipper.
La Bittt À Tibi Rousse Red Ale
86 points
A solid Amber for sipping every day.
Carolina Brewery Copperline Amber Ale
84 points
Sweet, savory, and buttery; medium bodied, flavorful and would be nice with a root veggie and nut salad.
Burleigh Brewing Co. Old Skool Amber Ale
84 points
An earthy and astringent amber lager for the table.