About American Style Golden Ale

About American Style Golden Ale
True to their name, American style golden ales are golden to light copper in color and range from 4-5.5% in alcohol. They have a more subtle overall character and lighter body in comparison to typical pale ales and do not contain the same fruitiness of English ales. The most important qualification is that they are brewed domestically. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Fish Tale Organic Blonde Ale, Kona Big Wave Golden Ale and Half Acre Gossamer Golden Ale.

Top Picks for American Style Golden Ale

Shanti Blonde
92 points
Crisp and light with lots of interesting notes that elevate it well above the standard German style Pilsner.
Juniper Brewing Co. Ale Ziggy Zoomba Light Ale
88 points
Sweet and malt forward but well balanced; a solid sessionable Golden Ale.