About Fortified Wines

A fortified wine is one in which a neutral alcoholic spirit or grape brandy has been added to increase the alcoholic level. Famous examples include port, sherry and vermouth.

When the brandy or neutral spirit is added, alcohol increased from 14% to a level between 18% to 20%, taking them out of the table wine category. Fortified wines in many countries are thus taxed at a higher rate than table wines.

Top Picks for Fortified Wines

Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards NV Solera Sherry Finger Lakes
98 points
A rich, penetrating example of a domestic creamy Sherry with yummy honeyed fruit and nut flavors.
Awards: '2022 New York Wine Classic - Best Sweet Wine' 2022 New York Wine Classic - Best Sherry-Style 2022 Best Domestic Sherry-Style Wine
Sandeman  20 Year Old Tawny Porto Douro
95 points
A high quality and dangerous after dinner drink that would pair well with dessert and transition splendidly to an after dinner brown spirit.
Awards: 2022 Best Port 2022 Best Port 20 Year Tawny
95 points $64.99
Sandeman NV Founders Reserve Ruby Porto Douro
93 points
An excellent after dinner Port to pair with a mild Maduro cigar, flourless chocolate cake, or blue cheese.
Awards: 2022 Best Ruby Port
93 points $24.99
Stone Hill Winery NV Cream Sherry Missouri
92 points
This wine brings to mind salted caramels on a camping trip through a cedar grove; a lovely Cream Sherry.
Awards: 2023 Americana Cup - Best Fortified Wine
VARA NV Viña Cardinal Single Vineyard New Mexico
84 points
Pair with Conservas atop a honeyed almond cracker.