About Domestic Port-Style Wine

About Domestic Port-Style Wine
Domestic Port-Style Wines are those made in the style of Portuguese Ports wines but grown and vinified in the United States. Wines made in this style are typically fortified with brandy or distilled grape spirits which causes fermentation to stop and also increases alcohol. Flavors are typically sweetfruity, nutty, and have a stronger alcohol presence than standard table wines. The best examples are highly comparable to true Ports.

Top Picks for Domestic Port-Style Wine

Weis Vineyards NV One Eighty Three Dessert Wine Finger Lakes
97 points
A remarkably rich, delicious, and warming American fortified wine with Old World nuances that add complexity and delight; definitely a benchmark for domestic port style wine that tastes like a true vintage port.
Awards: 2023 New York Wine Classic - Best Fortified (Port-Like)
Johnson Estate NV Old Oak Ruby Estate Grown Bourbon Barrel Aged Dessert Wine Lake Erie
92 points
Best Buy
A spicy and distinctive domestic port with lovely layers of bourbon barrel notes.
92 points $18 Best Buy
St. Julian NV Cathermans Port Chambourcin
87 points
Best Buy
This reads very clearly as both Chambourcin and Port; tip of the cap.
87 points $13.99 Best Buy
Pleasant Valley NV Port Finger Lakes
86 points
Best Buy
A tasty dessert wine that will pair with chocolate, berry reduction sauces, and a mild cigar.
86 points $9 Best Buy