About Cream Sherry

About Cream Sherry
Cream sherry is a fortified wine that has been artificially sweetened by blending in sweet wine. While cream sherry originated in Spain, the term is now a generic one, as cream sherries are now produced in the US and other countries.

In Spain a cream sherry is also known as Dulce; it is often made by taking a dry Oloroso wine and blending in Pedro Ximénez or Moscatel wines.

The style originated with Harvey's Bristol Cream, which was quite popular some thirty years ago. Today cream sherries have lost a good deal of sales in the market, as consumers are looking for drier products.

Cream sherries tend to pair well with vanilla ice cream, pastries or as an after-dinner drink.

Top Picks for Cream Sherry

Leyenda NV Cream Sherry Palomino
88 points
Dark copper-amber color. Nutty aromas and flavors of salted caramel, toasted nuts, brioche, and orange rind with a satiny, vibrant, medium body and a tingling, compelling, breezy finish that exhibits accents of dried apricots, marzipan, salted pecans, fig paste, toffee, and watercress with a suggestion of oak flavor. A toasty, nutty pleaser; perfect for sherry cobblers.
Pleasant Valley NV Vanilla Cream Sherry New York State
85 points
Copper color. Confected aromas of candied marzipan and vanilla almond fudge and frosting with a supple, soft, sweet light-to-medium body and a polished, breezy nutty nougat and butterscotch finish. A pleasant Cream Sherry for desserts and cocktails.