About Fruit Wine

About Fruit Wine
Fruit wines, produced in many countries, are fermented alcoholic beverages made from fruit or even herbs and flowers. There are dozens of types of fruit wines, ranging from apple, strawberry and peach to elderberry, rhubarb and dandelion.

May of these are quite sweet, although some, such as pineapple, are rather dry. As many of these fruits are very high in acidity and would produce a wine that would be too acidic for most tastes, water is often added during the production process to create a less tart sensation. Alcoholic contents range from 10% to 16% or so.

Fruit wines are made for immediate pleasure, generally enjoyed on their own at a picnic or backyard barbecue.

Top Picks for Fruit Wine

Angry Orchard NV Albany Post Apple Wine New York State
93 points
A tasty and savory artisan Cider with nice mouthwatering acidity and length; will be great at the table.
Middleburgh Winery 2020 Blueberry Wine Blueberry
89 points
Best Buy
A brilliantly pure and flavorful blueberry wine with a fine, not-too-sweet balance and style.
89 points $15 Best Buy
Angry Orchard NV Porters Perfection Apple Wine New York State
87 points
A funky scrumpy Cider that will be best with cheeses and appetizers, or toddies.
Florida Orange Groves Winery 2020 Barrel-Aged Guava Pink Guava
82 points
Pleasant, fruity, and tropical; nothing too serious but a fun sipper.