About Port Tawny

About Port Tawny
Tawny Port is a fortified wine named for its tawny color. It is most famous from Portugal, although the general term of tawny port is applied to any port wine with a few years of age in the cellar in wood, which alters the color from purple to tawny brown. They range from lightly sweet to medium sweet and are usually consumed upon release, as the aging has been completed at the cellars.

Top Picks for Port Tawny

Romariz NV Fine Tawny Porto Douro
87 points
Ruby black color. Aromas of orange liqueur, baked figs, panettone, and dried pears with a round, vibrant, sweet medium body and a warming, amusing, medium-length toffee-coated walnuts, mulberry coulis, creme caramel, and peppercorns finish with light oak flavor. A tasty Tawny Port to accent the final course.