About Late Harvest

About Late Harvest
Late harvest refers to a sweet dessert wine produced from grapes picked at a later date than normal, anywhere from a week to several months. While this can refer to any type of wine, it is generally used to describe white wines such as Riesling or Gewurztraminer that are harvested late to acquire extra natural sugar, resulting in a sweeter wine. These sweeter wines are often golden or deep yellow in color with flavors of honey, caramel and ripe apricot; these are to be served with desserts such as almond or pear tart or with foie gras or blue cheeses.

Top Picks for Late Harvest

Weis Vineyards 2020 Noble Select Riesling
95 points
A delicious, round and welcoming sweet wine that will be fantastic with cheeses and desserts.
Braganini 2021 Reserve Late Harvest Vidal Blanc
88 points
Fruity and floral aspects will make this a natural pairing for a fruit and cheese dessert tray.
Braganini 2021 Reserve Late Harvest Vignoles
88 points
A supple and tasty sweet wine for cheeses and less sweet desserts.
Chateau Chantal 2020  Riesling
86 points
Sweet and pleasant with some zippy lemon flavor.