About Ice Wine

About Ice Wine
Ice Wine is a dessert wine that is made from frozen grapes that are harvested very late, anywhere from December to early March. At peak, these frozen grapes have at harvest, a water content in which 80% remains as frozen crystals. Fermentation takes months to complete.

Ice wine is made from white and red grapes, primarily Riesling as well as Vidal, while Cabernet Franc is the leading red variety. Most examples of ice wine are still, but there are also sparkling versions produced.

Canada is a major producer of Ice Wine, most notably in the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario and the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Residual sugar is quite high (about 150 grams per liter, similar to Sauternes from France), but since the acidity is usually high, ice wines do not taste overly sweet.

Ideal consumption time is from eight to ten years; these are best enjoyed on their own or with blue cheeses.

Top Picks for Ice Wine

Weis Vineyards 2019 Ice Wine Riesling
95 points
A bright and juicy ice wine with mouthwatering acidity for spicy foods or cocktails.
Awards: 2022 Best Ice Wine
City Winery 2020 Vin De Glaciere Uva Blanca Vineyard Riesling
94 points
An unctuous, balanced, and delicious sweet wine that will be great with desserts and cheeses.
Weis Vineyards 2017 Ice Wine Riesling
94 points
A delicious, spot-on ice wine with great flavor, balance, and intensity; will be excellent with cheese plates.
Chateau Chantal 2020 Estate Ice Wine Old Mission Peninsula
93 points
Grab the bleu cheese with the fruit and nut platter; this is a wonderful dessert wine in the finest European tradition.
Wagner Vineyards 2021 Ice Riesling
92 points
A juicy and satisfying dessert wine with great flavor and balance.
Awards: 2023 New York Wine Classic - Best Iced Wine Frozen After Harvest
Wagner Vineyards 2022 Ice Vidal
92 points
A juicy and toothsome sweet wine with fine balance and style.
Tomasello 2020 Epilogue Ice Wine Riesling
90 points
A velvety and delicious ice wine that will rule with desserts and cheeses.
Frost Bitten 2022 Ice Wine Riesling
89 points
Best Buy
Vibrant fruit flavors with hints of subtle spice; a lovely dessert sipper.
89 points $15 Best Buy
Nitz 2022 Reserve Ice Wine Vidal Blanc
87 points
Concentrated stone fruit flavors and lush texture make this a tasty dessert wine.
Quartz Rock Vineyard 2021 Estate Iced Cabernet Franc
87 points
An interesting, meaty dessert wine to try with charcuterie.