About Grain Neutral Spirit

About Grain Neutral Spirit
Grain Neutral Spirits or "GNS" refers to high alcohol, highly distilled or rectified spirits made from grain that are neutral in aroma and flavor—basically very high proof vodka. Formally these spirits must be at or greater than 190º proof ( 95% ABV) or higher, but consumer-facing brands are generally 160º proof and higher. GNS is often purchased from large commercial distilleries by spirits producers and rectifiers to create other spirits like gins, vodkas, liqueurs, and blended whiskies. It is also used as an alcohol base for punches, tinctures, and cocktail bitters, or as a solvent or "industrial alcohol".

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Clear color. Bold, peppery, hot aromas of pepper jelly and nougat with an body and a hot, appealing, long sugar, vanilla custard, and frosted cereal finish. Surprisingly well balanced on it’s own, diluted it is quite flavorful and attractive.
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Zbyszek Spiritus
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Clear color. Hot, minerally vaporous aromas and flavors of hot peppers and clay with an sharp, dryish medium-to-full body and a searing, appealing, long powdered sugar, frosted cereal, licorice, and chalk finish. A bold and brash high proof spirit that cleans up nicely with water; use judiciously in punches or well diluted with water.
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