About Vodka from USA

About Vodka from USA
The spirit industry in America is much like the beer industry; some large corporate distillers turning out good quality vodka, gin and whisky along with a growing number of artisan producers of these same products. In large cities such as Chicago and San Francisco, small distilleries turn out superb spirits, many of them organically produced. Vodkas and gins are most common, but there are even a few examples of single malt whiskey. This is certainly an encouraging alternative to the commercially produced spirits in the US, but the truth is that these artisan spirits are a drop in the bucket next to the huge amount of vodkas, gins and whiskeys made by the large companies and are sold in huge numbers; given the promotional money spent by these firms. But the new competition is a bright sign at least in terms of some of the famous whiskey producers that have recently introduced specialty bourbons, aged for a dozen or more years, many of them single barrel products. They are responding to a public looking for more high quality American spirits. The success of these products is a great thing for the American sprits industry.

Top Picks for USA


Fire Oak Vodka
95 points
Best Buy
Clear color. Aromas of fresh cotton balls, sea salt, and cassia bark with a satiny, bright, bone-dry light-to-medium body and a warming, breezy licorice, allspice, tomato pomace, and mocha milkshake finish. A savory spice-flecked, creamy vodka that will do wonders for your bloody mary game.
95 points $22.99 Best Buy
Heritage Distilling Co. Seasoned Vodka
94 points
Bright golden amber color. Savory aromas and flavors of Thai sweet chile sauce, smoke, smoked oyster, and Worcestershire with a satiny, vibrant, saline light-to-medium body and a smooth, distinctive, medium-long finish. A wildly appetizing sweet, salty, spicy, smoky vodka that is the ultimate bloody mary base.
94 points $27.50
Till American Wheat Vodka
94 points
Clear color. Aromas and flavors of ethanol, limestone, lemon oil, and fresh papaya with a velvety, crisp, dryish light body and a smooth, breezy finish. An uplifting, smooth, fantastically clean vodka for impressive martinis.
94 points $24.99
Rock Town Basil Vodka
94 points
Best Buy
Clear color. Exotic, herbal aromas and flavors of lavender bath salt, cumin, rose water, and cardamom with a velvety, lively, sweet full body and a peppery, intricate, medium-long finish that exhibits elements of basil, green tomato jelly, and cinnamon stick finish. A complex flavored vodka begging for craft cocktails and quality tonic water.
94 points $13.99 Best Buy
Duckworth Truffle Vodka
94 points
Clear color. Umami aromas and flavors of truffle oil, garlic toast, smoked salmon, and anchovy oil with a supple, crisp, dryish medium body and a long finish. A fun, super savory truffle and garlic driven vodka that will be a hoot to experiment with.
94 points $49.95
Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka
93 points
Best Buy
Clear color. Aromas of vanilla cream, royal icing, sea salt, and birch with a round, vibrant, light body and a smooth, medium-length sweet rolls, cocoa-dusted yogurt and hint of licorice finish. A round and willing vodka suited to all manner of cocktails; a smooth choice for martinis.
93 points $18.99 Best Buy
Old Dominick Distillery Honeybell Citrus Vodka
93 points
Best Buy
Clear color. Aromas and flavors of mandarin orange, dried ginger, lime gummies, and sea shore with a satiny, vibrant, fruity light body and a peppery, medium-length finish with notes of dried lime peel, lemongrass, and black pepper finish. A dry, citrusy vodka that is a great addition to the cocktail bar; nuanced and distinctive.
93 points $21.99 Best Buy
New Amsterdam 100 Proof Vodka
93 points
Clear color. Clean aromas of meringue and cannoli with a round, vibrant, dryish light body and a peppery, long orange zest and chai spices finish. A superbly structured vodka with cocktail-friendly ABV that will stand up in full-flavor cocktail recipes.
Kid Curry Cold Filtered Luxury Vodka
93 points
Clear color. Aromas of confectioner’s sugar and white sand with a soft, crisp, fruity light-to-medium body and a tingling, breezy fondant and pear custard finish. A very clean and neutral vodka that offers a hint of round sweetness.
93 points $28.99
Dixie Black Pepper Vodka
93 points
Best Buy
Clear color. Spicy aromas of diced jalapeño, peppered cucumber, and celery salt with a satiny, crisp, fruity full body and a warming, medium-length fresh cotton, fresh poblano pepper, wet stones, pineapple salsa, and lemon pith finish. A spicy, savory vodka with endless cocktail possibilities.
93 points $17.99 Best Buy