About Unaged Cachaca

About Unaged Cachaca
Cachaça, distilled from sugar cane, is Brazil's national drink. There are almost 30,000 producers in the country; most versions are unaged, with alcohol between 38%-54% ABV. Clear in appearance with notes of powdered sugar, banana meringue and bamboo among others, it is often fiery and earthy and should be used as a mixer for cocktails, especially the famed Brazilian caipirinha, which contains Cachaça with lime juice and cinnamon.

Top Picks for Unaged Cachaca

Batista Prata
90 points
Clear color. Grassy, creamy aromas and flavors of sugar cane stalk and leaves, plantain, flan, and minerals with a silky, bright, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a tingling, interesting, medium-long gravel, wheatgrass, and pepper and vanilla finish. A solid, well made cachaça that will mix nicely.
90 points $34.99
CanaRío Cachaca
87 points
clear color. Delicate, cheesy, citrusy savory vegetal aromas of vanilla yogurt nuts and raisins, dried cherries, cane stalk, and menthol mint with a satiny, lively, fruity medium body and a tingling, interesting, medium-length sweet cream, rock candy, grass, and bamboo finish. A solid choice for caipirinhas and light rum cocktails.
87 points $21.99
Cachaça 51 Cachaca 80 Proof
83 points
Clear color. Delicate, grassy, earthy oily aromas of cane, vanilla candle, plain yogurt, and roasted peppers with a supple, vibrant, off-dry medium body and a peppery, interesting, medium-long diesel, overripe papaya and coconut, banana leaf, and sugar cane syrup finish. A earthy base for caipirinhas.
83 points $19.99