About Pisco

About Pisco
Pisco is a famous brandy made in Peru and Chile; each country claims the beverage as its own. It is made from a variety of grapes, such as Muscat in both countries, as well as Quebranta and Mollar in Peru, and Torontel and Pedro Jimenez in Chile. The Quebranta grapes is used in most single-variety Pisco from Chile.

Although Peru produces much less Pisco than Chile, it exports a great deal more. Some versions are clear, while others have an amber, greenish hue; there are flavors of peach, coconut and pistachio and the finish is quite dry and earthy, comparable to a grappa in many cases.

Of course, most individuals know Pisco as the main ingredient in a Pisco sour cocktail, which includes angostura and lemon juice.

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