About Overproof Rum

About Overproof Rum
Strictly speaking, overproof rum is rum in any style that is over 40% ABV or 80º Proof

Top Picks for Overproof Rum

Rum Fire Jamaican White Overproof Rum
93 points
Clear color. Funky aromas of green plantain, green tomato, flint, freshly ground black pepper, and key lime with a silky, vibrant, fruity light body and a searing, interesting, long arugula, sweet fondant, hazelnut candy, and cream finish. A funky overproof rum to kick up the night.
Malecon Rare Proof 13 Year Old Rum
93 points
Bright copper color. Complex, fruity, inviting aromas and flavors of fruitcake, butterscotch candy, pineapple and mango yogurt, and leather with a supple, vibrant, dryish medium-full body and a warming, elegant, long coriander, allspice, worn wood, and pecan pie finish. A surprisingly easy-going overproof rum full of character and elegance.
Charbay Double Distilled Double Aged Rum
92 points
Golden amber color. Aromas and flavors of salted dark chocolate, toasty oak, chocolate covered cherry cordials, and dried peach with a satiny, lively, moderately sweet medium body and a searing, medium-length caramel truffle finish. A potent overproof rum that packs a flavorful punch.
Taildragger After Dark Rum
90 points
Dark copper color. Aromas of molasses covered raisins, burnt sugar, dark roasted nuts, and coffee with a supple, lively, fruity medium-full body and a hot, captivating, long mocha gelato, white pepper, creme brulee, and fuel-like minerals finish. A rock solid overproof rum with lots of caramel character for punches.
Don Q 151 Rum
89 points
Golden amber color. Tropical aromas of vanilla, caramelized mango, rose water and candied orange peel, and candied hibiscus and char grilled vegetables with a satiny, crisp, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a hot, elegant, long butterscotch and almond nougat, maple syrup and pineapple husk, allspice, and peach preserve finish. A terrific nuanced overproof rum that is a welcome addition to any tropical cocktail.
89 points $24.99
Rum Fire Jamaican White Overproof Rum
87 points
Clear color. Rustic aromas of cane, black mint, and persimmon with a satiny, racy, dry light-to-medium body and a searing, breezy fallen mango, baiju, and leather finish. A scorching overproof rum for flaming cocktails and tiki punches.