About Rum and Cane Spirits from Guatemala

About Rum  and  Cane Spirits from Guatemala
Alcoholic spirits in this Central American country are focused on the production of rum and aguardiente. There are various quality and price levels, with the aged añejo rums being the finest, offering notes of roasted nuts, cola and tropical spice. These are fine for mixing, but should be appreciated as sipping rums.

Top Picks for Guatemala

Rum and Cane Spirits

El Pasador de Oro Rum XO
93 points
Brilliant dark amber color. Complex aromas and flavors of rose petals, chocolate caramel, cigar box, and pecan pie with a thick, lively, off-dry full body and a warming, very complex, endless finish with accents of caramelized oranges, English toffee, candied mango and lychee, and moist tobacco finish. Give your guests some "wow factor" with this elegantly brawny rum.
93 points $46.99
Malteco Reserva del Fundadore 20 Year Old Rum
93 points
Dark copper color. Sweet, exotic aromas of hibiscus and vanilla cola, sweet caramel sauce, powdered sugar, and raisins in dulce de leche with a thick, soft, off-dry fat body and a smooth, gigantic, endless marshmallow creme, candied nuts, sweet hardough, and coconut curry with peanuts finish. A giant rum for sipping with cigars or rich cocktails.