About Napoleon Cognac

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Napoleon Cognac is a term strongly associated with the famed Cognac house Courvoisier. The owners of the firm, in order to capture more market share, labeled their Cognac as "the brandy of Napoleon" and the term made official by the decree of one of Napoleon's decedents. A drawing of Napoleon is still featured on Courvoisier's labels and advertising.

Today, there are many other firms that use the term Napoleon Cognac. Like X.O. Cognac, the youngest brandies in the blend of a Napoleon Cognac must be aged a minimum of six years in oak barrels and most are aged longer. Flavor-wise these are very similar to X.O. Cognacs.
Top Picks for Napoleon Cognac
Petite Fine Champagne Cognac Napoléon
Dark copper brown color with an olive rim suggests long aging. Dense aromas of chocolate covered dried fruits and nuts and spice cake with a satiny, fruity medium-full body and a long, rich finish with notes of brown spices, cola, minerals, and tobacco. A rich, wood influenced Napoleon Cognac for contemplative sipping or cigars.
Date Tasted: in our Chicago tasting lab