About VS Cognac

About VS Cognac
V.S. (Very Superior, also known as V.S.P or Three Star, very superior pale and ***) Cognacs require a minimum of two years aging in a cask, although the industry average is four to five years. These are generally lighter in style with more young, fruity flavors that make them a good choice for classic Cognac cocktails like a Sidecar, Brandy Alexander, or the original version of the Mint Julep.

Top Picks for VS Cognac

Marquis de Brim VS Cognac
89 points
Gold color. Bright, fresh, spicy aromas and flavors of raisin-peach compote, apple bread pudding, chocolate, and sandalwood with a silky, bright, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a tingling, delightful, medium-long praline, baking spices, and cola finish. A vivacious and attractive VS Cognac that will mix brilliantly.
89 points $34.95
Campagnere VS Cognac
87 points
Clear golden amber color. Aromas and flavors of caramel, toasted almond, rum raisin ice cream, and cola with a lean, soft, dry-yet-fruity thin body and a short finish. An easy drinking, pleasurable cognac; sip, shoot, or mix.
87 points $36.99
Courvoisier VS Cognac
85 points
Clear amber color. Aromas of orchard fresh apple compote flecked with vanilla bean, cinnamon, nutmeg, and dried currants with a slightly chewy, vibrant, dryish light-to-medium body and a hot, medium dried pineapple, parchment, and schechuan peppercorn finish. A solid cognac for mixing.
85 points $24.99