About Other French Sparkling Wine

About Other French Sparkling Wine
Sparkling wine is a time-honored tradition in France. The most famous is Champagne, from the eponymous region in the northeast reaches of the country, but there are other excellent examples. These include sparking wines from Alsace, Burgundy and Loire; they are known as "cremant" or "mousseux" and are made in styles ranging from dry to medium sweet. They can be made in white or rosé styles, although there are a few red versions (Bourgogne Mousseux is the term for sparkling red Burgundy).

There are also sparkling wines made in regions such as the Jura, Rhone Valley and Bordeaux.

Top Picks for Other French Sparkling Wine

Marquis de la Tour NV Ice Sparkling France
80 points
Yellow straw color. Aromas of butter on toast, petrol, rubber cement, pineapple sherbet, and grilled corn with a glycerous, bright, effervescent, moderately sweet light body and a brisk pears in confectioner’s sugar and orange juice finish. A buttery sparkler to serve well-chilled.
80 points $15.99