About Champagne Brut Vintage

About Champagne Brut Vintage
Brut Vintage Champagne is a Champagne produced from grapes solely from one vintage. Each Champagne producer has the right to declare a particular vintage; some vintage such as 2002, considered a classic, was declared by virtually every producer, while 2005, thought to be a lesser vintage, was declared only by some producers.

As a vintage Champagne is limited to the fruit of a single year and not several years, as is the norm, production is limited and the price is more expensive than a non-vintage Champagne (in most cases). Depending on the type of vintage Champagne (a prestige cuvée for example as opposed to a standard vintage offering), aging will vary,anywhere from three years after release to twenty.

It is important to remember that a vintage Champagne is not necessarily better than a non-vintage; rather it is different.

Top Picks for Champagne Brut Vintage

Mod 2008 Rosé Champagne
93 points
Bright amber salmon color. Aromas of roasted nuts, panettone, pressed flowers, and prune with a round, vibrant, effervescent, dry light-to-medium body and a sleek, interesting, medium-long honeyed toast, walnuts, and turmeric finish. A muscular and mature champagne with sultry roasted character
Champagne Devaux 2008 D Millésimé Champagne
93 points
Golden yellow color. Aromas of bruleed lemon, baked cantaloupe, coriander, rye, coconut cream pie on a graham cracker crust, and lemon custard with a satiny, vibrant, fizzy, medium body and a seamless, complex, medium-long peach confiture and jasmine finish with crunchy tannins and light oak flavor. An interesting Brut Champagne that should develop lots of nuance and intrigue after a slumber in the cellar.
Mod 2008 Réserve Champagne
92 points
Golden yellow color. Aromas of fresh baked ciabatta, panettone, roasted walnut, and roasted mushrooms with a velvety, vibrant, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a warming, engaging, medium-length lemon curd on crumpets, chalk, and pineapple sauce finish. A fruits and toast reign supreme in this full-bodied champagne with great minerality.