About Bajan Beer

About Bajan Beer
Barbados produces many styles of beer. Larger breweries, like Banks Barbados Brewery that has been in business in the country since 1961, make many popular products ranging from lagers all the way to stouts. Microbreweries are becoming increasingly popular, with some employing the county’s famous rum’s casks for barrel-aging beers.

Top Picks for Barbados

Banks Barbados Breweries Limited Caribbean Lager
84 points
Light gold color. Mild, buttery, cheesy baked fruity aromas and flavors of nut toast, honey butter, caramelized pear, and candy corn with a soft, crisp, effervescent, off-dry light-to-medium body and a sleek, fast sprouts, wet grass, nutskin, and bamboo shoot finish. A nice lawnmower beer.