About Spanish Beer

About Spanish Beer
Beer in Spain lags far behind wine in terms of production and what is brewed is often acceptable beer from one of a handful of commercial breweries.

Specialty beers do exist, but licensing technicalities have kept this industry down. What is produced is of very good to excellent quality, examples include amber lagers, bocks and pale ales.

Top Picks for Spain

Damm Brewery Inedit
94 points
Light gold color. Fruity aromas and flavors of French toast, orange blossom water, sliced bananas, coriander, vanilla wafer cookies, and champagne cola with a velvety, crisp, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a smooth, compelling, medium-length finish evoking notes of white grapefruit zest and allspice finish. A well-balanced ale with inviting fruity aromas, interesting spice character, and a dry finish that tastes great on its own or with creamy cheeses and desserts.
Daura Gluten-Free Lager
92 points
Pale golden yellow color. Grassy, clean aromas of arepa, fresh cotton, and bakery bread with a soft, shy, finely carbonated, dryish light body and a graceful, fleeting sourdough bread crust, lemon cookie, chalk, and cornmeal finish. Refreshingly light and smooth, an excellent gluten-free option that would appeal to any beer drinker.
Estrella Damm Pale Lager
90 points
Light gold color. Aromas of lemongrass, hay, and toasty cracker with a spritzy, dryish light-to-medium body and a medium-length roasted sweet corn and orange marmalade on toast finish. A round, satisfying Pale Lager with a nice malty backbone; could be a great standby.
Damm Brewery Complot IPA
89 points
Pale clear golden yellow color. Aromas of cilantro leaf, catty, toasted rice, and honeysuckle with a silky, soft, effervescent, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a smooth, interesting, medium-length peach juice, cottony, papaya jam, and fresh cucumber finish. A very smooth IPA with soft, fruity flavor that invokes a feeling of springtime.
Alhambra Reserva Roja Bock
89 points
Clear bronze color. Toasty aromas and flavors of chocolate dried fruits and nuts, butter toasted grain toast, and clay with a supple, soft, finely carbonated, fruity medium body and a warming, compelling, medium-long finish with notes of chocolate cream pie, watercress, roasted root vegetables, and earth finish. A lovely, chewy chocolatey bock that is sure to please.
Damm Brewery Daura Gluten-Free Märzen
88 points
Amber color. Aromas of lemon balm, rice cracker, and corn husk with a soft, effervescent, dryish light body and a tingling, interesting, breezy nickel, pepper, navel orange pith, and light caramel finish. A great gluten-free beer that has a clean, slightly bitter finish.
Damm Brewery Keler Pale Lager
87 points
Golden amber color. Funky aroma of cannabis with a silky, bright, fruity light body and a silky, medium-length fresh fruit with honey and whole wheat cracker finish. A fuller-bodied lager with a pleasing finish.
The Good Cider Apple Hard Cider
86 points
Brilliant light gold color. Fruity aromas and flavors of apple juice, hard green apple candy, and apple pop tart with a supple, crisp, effervescent, fruity sweet medium body and a silky, medium-long finish revealing overtones of apple cider and golden raisins bread finish. A nice sweet and simple apple cider that tastes like apple juice.
Damm Brewery Voll-Damm Doble Malta Märzen
85 points
Amber color. Boozy aromas and flavors of fresh cracked black pepper, banana fondant, floral syrup, and crispbread with sprouts with a satiny, crisp, effervescent, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a hot, interesting, breezy finish that shows notes of chamomile, honeydew, and charred nuts finish. A very boozy, malty Märzen that drinks like a Maibock.
Alhambra Especial Pilsner
85 points
Bright light gold color. Savory aromas of denver omelet, greek toast, honey scented candle, and fruity gum with a supple, finely carbonated, dryish medium body and a tingling, rapid toasted grain, crayon and clay, and waxy taffy wrapper finish. A cheery summer crusher.