About Austrian Beer

About Austrian Beer
Austria: Home of Vienna Lager

With an average of 108 liters consumer per resident annually, Austria is a confirmed beer-drinking nation. It is also a country with a long and noble brewing history, owed largely to its natural access to pure alpine water. Currently, more than 140 breweries produce around 600 brands of beer, though many of these do not find their way into the export market.

Austria originally gave rise to the Vienna-style lager, though today U.S. consumers would be more likely to find a Vienna lager from Mexico than Austria. While there is still a diverse range of styles available within the country, most exports are pale lagers or pilsners that closely resemble Bavarian lagers. The largest exporter of beer is the Styrian brewer Gosser, which makes a pilsner-style beer of the same name. Beer produced by the Stiegl brewery in Salzburg is the next best-known Austrian brand available in the United States.

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