Cellar Selections

About Cellar Selections

Cellar Selection is a designation for wines or beers that our tasting panels feel will improve with proper aging in climate-controlled conditions, like a wine cellar or basement. 

In red wines, cellaring will give the wine's initially coarse tannins time to separate and settle, making way for the full potential of its structural elements and flavor to shine. 

In white wines, aging has numerous beneficial effects on sugar and acidity, especially in many substantial dessert and sparkling wines: flavors become more integrated and mineral, nutty, and yeast-driven secondary and tertiary flavors can emerge. 

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Best Cellar Selections For White Wine

Jarvis 2020 Unfiltered Finch Hollow Chardonnay
94 points
A very, very good Chardonnay here. Oaky but with the quality of fruit sufficient to balance and improve with age.
Lobo 2021 Wulff Vineyard Chardonnay
93 points
Lush and plumb ripe fruit that can hold some polished and elegant French oak presence.
Jarvis 2020 Finch Hollow Chardonnay
93 points
Excellent fruit, delectable French oak, and an absolute stunner. If American wine starts doing Grand Cru Chardonnay, this is in the conversation.
Lobo 2020 Wulff Vineyard Chardonnay
93 points
A delicious melange of sweet spices is sure to pique the interest of fine California Chardonnay seekers.
Smallholdings 2020 Single Vineyard Riesling
92 points
A clean, ripe and savory Riesling for all occasions.
Kalaris 2016 Oak Knoll Chardonnay
91 points
A heavily oaked, buttery Chardonnay that offers a decadent, high impact flavor journey for Napa Chardonnay lovers.
Keenan 2020 Spring Mountain District Chardonnay
88 points
Good fruit and acid on this wine accent a rich tapestry of flavors; the oak seems youthful here and will likely integrate and become better with decanting or cellar time.