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Citros Vodka

Category: Flavored Vodka

Date Tasted:
Country: Latvia
Alcohol: 37.5%
90 Points
Gold Medal
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Citros Vodka

Category: Flavored Vodka

Date Tasted:
Country: Latvia
Alcohol: 37.5%
Clear color. Aromas and flavors of fresh mexican limes and lemon-lime soda with a satiny, crisp, dryish light body and a smooth, delightful, medium-length finish with shades of hints of lime custard. A fresh, pure citrus Vodka that’s easy to love.

Tasting Info

Spirits Glass Style: Fruity
Aroma Aroma: fresh mexican limes and lemon-lime soda
Taste Flavor: Same as aromas with shades of hints of lime custard
Smoothness Smoothness: Smooth
Enjoy Enjoy: in cocktails, neat and on the rocks
Cocktail Cocktails: Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule, Vodka Martini
Bottom Line Bottom Line: A fresh, pure citrus Vodka that's easy to love.

The Producer

SPI Group

The Producer
Valley Park F 44 rue de la Vallée
1 352-24 695 131

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Flavored Vodka

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Since Vodka tends to be a neutral spirit, it lends itself to blending with flavors and fortifying other beverages. In the 19th century, high-proof "Russian spirit" was held in high esteem by Sherry producers in Spain, who imported it to fortify their wines.

Neutral spirits are still used to fortify Port, Sherry, and other types of fortified wines, although the source of alcohol for such purposes these days tends to be the vast "wine lake" that has been created by European Union agricultural practices.

Flavored Vodkas have been produced from the start, originally to mask the flavor of the first primitive Vodkas, but later as a mark of the distiller's skill. The Russians and Poles in particular still market dozens of flavors.