About Club Soda

About Club Soda
Club soda is carbonated water to which minerals have been added to enhance the flavor. Potassium bicarbonate and potassium citrate are the minerals that are usually added. Sodium is another, but not all club sodas contain sodium. Because of its high carbonation level and elevated flavor profile, club soda has long been the bartender's choice for cocktails, however many people enjoy club soda on it's own as a lively alternative to alcoholic beverages in a social setting.

Top Picks for Club Soda

Schweppes Club Soda
95 points
A super clean club soda that offers a mousse of tight, energetic bubbles; that will become your next go-to bubbly.
Awards: 2019 World Cocktail Championships - 4th Place Highball Water
Canada Dry Club Soda
87 points
Nuances of citrus and melon ball with a medium body. A gentle and elegant club soda with kisses of refreshing lemony notes.
Awards: 2019 World Cocktail Championships - 3rd Place Highball Water
Q Club Soda
83 points
A crisp, clean, and focused club soda with explosive carbonation; ideal for mixing with spirits or drinking over ice.
Awards: 2019 World Cocktail Championships - 2nd Place Highball Water