About Fruit Brandy

About Fruit Brandy
Fruit Brandy is the default term for all Brandies that are made from fermenting fruit other than grapes. Fruit Brandies, except those made from berries, are generally distilled from fruit wines. Berries tend to lack enough sugar to make a wine with sufficient alcohol for proper distillation, and thus are soaked (macerated) in high-proof spirit to extract their flavor and aroma. The extract is then distilled once at a low proof.

Top Picks for Fruit Brandy

Yebiga Bela Plum Brandy
87 points
A light, fruity and fragrant Brandy that will make for accessible, fresh cocktails.
Olde Tyme Spirits Apple Brandy Batch No. 01-21
86 points
A nice spiced brandy with an apple essence and a tingling mouthfeel.
Yebiga Prva Plum Brandy
86 points
A toasty and fruity Brandy that will make fun cocktails.
Black Dirt New York Apple Jack Brandy
85 points
A heavily oaked Applejack to try in creative and tasty Wisconsin Old Fashioneds.