About Mixers

Mixers are the nonalcoholic components of various cocktails that have been conveniently packaged so that one just needs to add the alcohol base, and perhaps ice, to make a complete cocktail. We include sodas and bar syrups in this category as well.

The most popular cocktail mixers are margarita and Bloody Mary mixers and in recent years we've noticed a trend towards fresher, more natural tasting ingredients in packaging that requires freezing or refrigeration.

Top Picks for Mixers

Q Mixers Hibiscus Ginger Beer
95 points
A distinctive ginger mixer with bright cherry-like flavors; an effortless way to bring creative flavor to your party.
Fever-Tree Sparkling Cucumber Cocktail Mixer
95 points
A fresh, balanced Tonic that's never too bitter; a lovely salinic lift on the finish keeps us coming back for another sip of this elevated, contemporary tonic.
95 points $4.99
Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Ale Cocktail Mixer
93 points
An easy Ginger Ale for adults; drier than expected, distinctively herbal and highly mixable.
93 points $4.99
Spicegrove Roselle & Ginger Spicy Hibiscus Drink
92 points
Best Buy
A wonderfully balanced and rich spicy hibiscus tea that will be very versatile on its own or as a mixer.
92 points $6 Best Buy
Stirrings Simple Mai-Tai Mixer
91 points
This juicy, simple mixer makes easy-to-love rum cocktails; mix with high quality aged rum for the best flavor.
91 points $6.99
Fever-Tree Distillers Cola Cocktail Mixer
90 points
An upgraded cola for the contemporary drinker.
90 points $4.99
Stirrings Simple Margarita Mixer
90 points
Use this mixer to create effortlessly balanced Margaritas at home; this one really lets the agave flavors shine through.
90 points $6.99
Fever-Tree Sparkling Pink Grapefruit Cocktail Mixer
88 points
Pure, all-natural grapefruit flavor shines in this balanced, grown up grapefruit soda.
88 points $4.99
Q Mixers Ginger Beer
86 points
A clean and modern Ginger Beer with a peppery finish.
Stirrings Organic Margarita Mixer
86 points
A solid Margarita mixer for easy home cocktailing.
86 points $7.49