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July 2021 - Brandy

July 2021 - Brandy
This month's Spirits feature is Brandy

Brandy Reviews

Bisquit & Dubouché XO Cognac
92 points
Exceptional length gives an indulger pause; sip slowly and contemplatively.
Larsen Aqua Ignis Cognac
91 points
A rich VS Cognac that delivers great intensity for the category; Sazeracs and Vieux Carres await.
Branson Cognac XO Premier Cru Cognac
91 points
An endlessly satisfying palate keeps you coming back in this excellent XO Cognac.
Merlet VS Cognac
89 points
A solid VS Cognac that will be stupendous in Sidecar cocktails.
Merlet XO Cognac
89 points
A rock solid XO Cognac for decadent stirred cocktails.
Yebiga Bela Plum Brandy
87 points
A light, fruity and fragrant Brandy that will make for accessible, fresh cocktails.
Yebiga Prva Plum Brandy
86 points
A toasty and fruity Brandy that will make fun cocktails.
Branson Cognac Royal VSOP Cognac
86 points
A mild but satisfying VSOP Cognac that will play well in a classic Sidecar cocktail.
Branson Cognac VSOP Cognac Grande Champagne
86 points
A light on its feet VSOP Cognac for mixed drinks and simple sips.
Bhakta Spirits 50 Year Armagnac Brandy
86 points
A very distinctive Armagnac with a nose of sherry and a palate of smoky Single Malt Scotch; a very interesting curio for both the whiskey and brandy aficionado.
Black Dirt New York Apple Jack Brandy
85 points
A heavily oaked Applejack to try in creative and tasty Wisconsin Old Fashioneds.
Merlet Brothers Blend VSOP Cognac
85 points
A tingling VSOP Cognac that will work well in mixed drinks and casual cocktails.