About Lambic

About Lambic
Brewed to emulate the flavor of traditional gueuze or fruit lambics from Belgium, beers in the Lambic style may or may not incorporate blending of old and young beers. They may or may not include fruit to offset the sourness of the base beer.

Top Picks for Lambic

Lindemans Young Lambic Ale
89 points
Minutely hazy pale gold color. Citrusy, vinegary, phenolic, peppery aromas of lemon pith, apple cider vinegar, apricot, and shortbread with a lightly tannic, crisp, petillant, dry-yet-fruity light body and a sleek, interesting, breezy orange zest, raw almonds, sourdough, and underripe mango finish. Light citrus flavors combine with a soft acidity and refreshing finish to create an approachable and drinkable lambic with vinous undertones; a wine drinkers beer.