About Biere de Garde

About Biere de Garde
Biere de gardes range in color from pale gold to chestnut brown and in alcohol from 5.5-8%. These beers originated as farmhouse ales in northern France and are defined by their rich, sweet malt character. In addition, expect unique flavors and aromas ranging from herbal to woody to spicy, which are results of fermentation and cellaring. This style is usually packaged in distinctive, cork and cage bottles and the best examples are still brewed in their region of origin. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Brasserie Castelain Blond Biere de Garde, Unibroue Terrible, Brasserie La Choulette Ambree Biere de Garde and Brasserie Duyck Jenlain.

Top Picks for Biere de Garde

Edison Brewing Lumière Biere De Garde
92 points
Full-bodied & spicy, suitable for winter warming and provincial fare.
Awards: 2023 World Beer Championships Gold Medal - 2023 Best Biere De Garde