About Cider

Cider is made from fermented apple juice. As with wine, the character and quality of the resulting product will bear heavily on the variety and quality of the fruit used. The cooler climate of Vermont is well suited to high quality apple production, and produces a sizeable amount of quality sparkling hard cider. The finest ciders in North America may well emanate from the province of Quebec in Canada, which has an established artisinal cider industry with historical ties to Normandy cider. These Quebecois ciders are slowly starting to appear on the US market.

Top Picks for Cider

Kystin  Secret Ice Cider
97 points
A deliciously mouthwatering, not-too-sweet ice cider with fantastic purity, depth, and acidity.
Awards: 2021 Best Cider
Kystin  Opalyne Brut French Cider
95 points
Best Buy
A delightfully deep and flavorful French cider for all occasions.
95 points $7 Best Buy
Loic Raison  Cidre Rubis
93 points
A boldly fruity, balanced and fun French Cider.
Two K Farms  Heirloom Ice Cider
92 points
A massive cider to sip by the fireplace on a cold winter's night.
Awards: 2022 Best Ice Cider
Ecusson  Cidre Bio Doux
92 points
A low-alcohol, French cider on the sweet side that's grown up and food-friendly.
Loic Raison  Cidre de Dégustation
92 points
A funky dry cider with unexpected flavors; pair with rich fatty cheeses.
Milea Estate  The Jumper Hard Cider
92 points
Best Buy
A nice, dryish earthy cider packed with refreshment.
92 points $4 Best Buy
Brick River Cider Co.  Homestead Peach Specialty Cider
91 points
Best Buy
A delicious, natural-tasting peach flavored Cider with a grown-up vibe.
Awards: 2022 Best Specialty Cider
91 points $9 Best Buy
No Boats On Sunday  Ontario Hopped Cider
89 points
Best Buy
An enjoyable classic cider with enough tannin for complexity but enough sugar for an easy drinking experience.
89 points $3 Best Buy
Vermont Cider Co.  Woodchuck Hard 100 Black Cherry Cider
89 points
Best Buy
A dry, lightly berry-flavored Cider sure to please hard seltzer drinkers.
89 points Best Buy