About Cider from USA

About Cider from USA
The United States is one of the most important players in the wine industry. On sheer numbers alone, the US is the fourth largest country in terms of total production; but it is the outstanding quality of wines from the US that is an additional part of its worldwide prestige. While the first wines produced in the colonies date back to the late 18th century, it has only been since the mid-1960s that the US has entered the premium wine market on a large scale. California, especially Napa Valley and Sonoma County were the areas that drove the new quality movement. Other areas in California also were home to great wines; soon Washington and Oregon were home to first-class wines as well. New York State, especially the Finger Lakes are was rediscovered for its Rieslings and soon wineries started opening in states such as Texas, Virginia and North Carolina. Today, 90% of domestic premium wine is produced in California and there are several wine types that share the spotlight; these include Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, Pinot Noir from Sonoma's Russian River Valley as well as Santa Barbara County and Chardonnay from several regions, such as Monterey and Sonoma County. Bordeaux-styles reds from Washington State have received great acclaim as have Oregon Pinot Noirs. Today, the United States is in an enviable position of being one of the largest producers of wine as well as one of the most celebrated.

Top Picks for USA


Easton Cider Co.  Apple Blend Common Cider
93 points
Best Buy
Crisp and clean with a good balance of acidity and fruit without feeling too sweet as to mask the natural flavors of apple.
93 points $15 Best Buy
Brick River Cider Co.  Honey Crisp Apple Low Alcohol Cider
93 points
A very fruity and delightful cider, the elderflower adds some classy depth and the acidity keeps everything in balance; very well done.
Highpoint Cider  Tram-Line Mosaic Dry Hopped Cider
93 points
A fantastic use of Mosaic, that shows off the properties of this hop in a pure and focused way that most beers can't; exceedingly well done.
Highpoint Cider  Transplant New England Style Semi-Dry Cider
92 points
True and authentic, this naturally cloudy cider doesn't hide it's rustic heritage and keeps you guessing until the end.
Wyders  Prickly Pineapple Fruit Cider
92 points
Very lively and tropical fruity; have with some pineapple pork kabob skewers!
Wicked Grove  Hard Cider
92 points
Best Buy
A fruity and floral slightly sweet Cider with confectionary aromas but zippy acidity; will make a great palate refresher after a pulled pork sandwich.
92 points $7.99 Best Buy
Two K Farms NV Imperial Hard Cider Leelanau Peninsula
92 points
Best Buy
A lovely common cider loaded with tart refreshing apple and ginger on the nose and palate; this belongs in an English public house.
92 points $18 Best Buy
Two K Farms  Heirloom Ice Cider
92 points
A massive cider to sip by the fireplace on a cold winter's night.
Awards: 2022 Best Ice Cider
Woodchuck  Blueberry Fruit Cider
89 points
Just plain fun; doesn't challenge, doesn't startle, just gives a good time.
Dutton Estate 2022 Hard Apple Cider Sonoma County
88 points
Best Buy
Good balance of flavors with a nice acidity, this will make a tasty aperitif as well as prove very sessionable with a wide range of fares.
88 points $3 Best Buy