About French Whisky

About French Whisky
The French drink more Scotch whisky than anyone else and today, there are a few distilleries, primarily in Brittany, that craft a different style of whiskey. These are not peaty examples with notes of iodine as in Scotland, but rather elegant styles with notes of apricot, toffee and orange marmalade with a gentle spicy finish. The best are quite elegant and stylish and would be fine sipped in a small snifter or mixed in refined cocktails.

Top Picks for French Whisky

Bellevoye French Whisky
86 points
Bright gold color. Interesting aromas of grilled peach and beeswax, lavender and cantaloupe, turkish delight, and honey drizzled graham cracker with a round, crisp, dry medium body and a warming, intriguing, long green malt, praline, dried tarragon, oregano, and bay leaf, and leather and bison grass finish. An pervasive herbal dram for those that like their whiskey on the younger side.
86 points $34.99