About Fruit Flavored RTD

About Fruit Flavored RTD
Fruit flavored RTDs are ready to drink prepackaged beverages that are made as or for fruit-based cocktails. Examples include RTD banana and/or strawberry daiquiri as well such creations as coconut colada, cranberry cosmopolitan and even lemonade with agave juice. These RTD average around 15% alcohol and only need to be poured in a glass over ice for enjoyment.

Top Picks for Fruit Flavored RTD

Cuesta Mesa Margarita
88 points
Best Buy
Pale light hazy slivery straw color. Waxy aromas of honey baked citrus, scented candle, and citrus gelatin with a silky, tangy, fruity sweet light-to-medium body and a sleek, charming, lime taffy, orange drink, and pineapple finish. A tasty, lightly tropical margarita.
88 points $15.99 Best Buy
Largo Bay Hurricane
84 points
Minutely hazy neon coral pink color. Aromas and flavors of amaretto, orange peels, bright red maraschino cherry, and Hawaiian punch with a satiny, tangy, very sweet medium body and a buoyant orange Sour Patch Kids candies finish. A fruity, tangy pink treat that will appeal to amaretto sour drinkers.
84 points $14.99
Tequiponch Orange Margarita Cocktail
84 points
Brilliant neon golden yellow color. Delicate, curious, fruity waxy aromas of baked citrus, mint gelatin, scented candle, and rice cake with a bright, moderately sweet light-to-medium body and a smooth, quick orange drink and mango-lime relish finish. A nice citrusy, tangy margarita.
84 points $13.99
Jose Diego Golden Margarita
84 points
Pale hazy slivery straw color. Delicate, citrusy, creamy herbal aromas of key lime custard, epazote and curry leaf, toasted marshmallow, and rice with a silky, bright, moderately sweet light-to-medium body and a smooth, interesting, crisp fruit salad and vanilla-banana pudding finish. Interesting creamy, tropical twist on a margarita.
84 points $16.99
Boris Cool Lychee & Green Apple Malt Liquor
84 points
Bright clear color. Faint, unusual, floral fruity aromas of artichoke, candied orange and mango, and lychee with a supple, crisp, effervescent, moderately sweet light-to-medium body and a graceful, compelling, brisk apple soda, fruit cocktail, rose water, and elderflower finish. A pleasant floral fruity drink.
Tropic Isle Palms Southern Hurricane
81 points
Light pink color. Bright, candied, fruity aromas of black cherry soda, watermelon jelly bean, and hint of marzipan cookie with a supple, tangy, moderately sweet body and a silky, short Hawaiian punch and orange baby aspirin finish. A candied fruit punch cocktail.
81 points $14.99
Boris Cool Raspberry & Hibiscus Malt Liquor
81 points
Clear color. Delicate, fruity aromas of raspberry nonpareil and custard, candied yams, hibiscus and jasmine tea, and floral soap with a supple, crisp, finely carbonated, sweet medium body and an effortless, snappy bubblegum, fruit punch, and pear soda finish. A bubblegum like rtd.
ShotPak Strawberry Daiquiri
80 points
Neon fuchsia color. Lively, fruity, medicinal aromas and flavors of cherry cough syrup and cranberry relish with a supple, vibrant, sweet light-to-medium body and an effortless, carefree strawberry lemonade and berry candy finish. A sweet berry cocktail.