About Gin and Genever from USA

About Gin  and  Genever from USA
The spirit industry in America is much like the beer industry; some large corporate distillers turning out good quality vodka, gin and whisky along with a growing number of artisan producers of these same products. In large cities such as Chicago and San Francisco, small distilleries turn out superb spirits, many of them organically produced. Vodkas and gins are most common, but there are even a few examples of single malt whiskey. This is certainly an encouraging alternative to the commercially produced spirits in the US, but the truth is that these artisan spirits are a drop in the bucket next to the huge amount of vodkas, gins and whiskeys made by the large companies and are sold in huge numbers; given the promotional money spent by these firms. But the new competition is a bright sign at least in terms of some of the famous whiskey producers that have recently introduced specialty bourbons, aged for a dozen or more years, many of them single barrel products. They are responding to a public looking for more high quality American spirits. The success of these products is a great thing for the American sprits industry.

Top Picks for USA

Gin and Genever

Vapor Distillery Boulder Ginskey
96 points
Bright amber color. Spicy aromas of fine furniture, lavender studded caramel, cinnamon candies, licorice, ginseng, and allspice dram with a velvety, vibrant, fruity medium body and a warming, nuanced, medium-long cracked juniper, eucalyptus-vanilla, gardenia incense, creme de violette, fresh cut grass, and good n plenty candies finish. A delicious and complex, spice-bomb of a barrel-aged gin that will add a hybrid of bourbon and gin flavors to your cocktail repertoire.
Awards: 2018 Best Barrel Aged Gin
Anchorage Distillery Aurora Gin
95 points
Clear color. Herbal, spicy aromas of rice pudding with cinnamon, lavender and saffron, marinated grape leaf, and ginger beer with a satiny, bright, dry fat body and a hot, stimulating, relaxed coriander and black cardamom, flaxseed and rose water, black peppercorn, and cinnamon and cajeta finish. A rich, elegant, and evocative gin with a great combination of fruit, spice, and herbs in a malty, creamy frame.
Distillery No. 209 Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Reserve Gin
95 points
Gold color. Herbal aromas and flavors of grilled oranges, juniper and ginger root, caramel sauce on whipped cream, and sage and cinnamon sticks with a lightly tannic, crisp, fruity medium body and a tingling, appealing, medium-length finish with accents of caramelized mango, sea salt, rose petal and cedar plank, and mixed peppercorn finish. A classic barrel aged gin for timeless cocktails.
Awards: 2017 Best Barrel Aged Gin
95 points $59.99
Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin
94 points
Golden amber color. Spicy, creamy aromas of cinnamon-sugar, ginger scone, lemon curd, pumpkin loaf, and buttercream with a velvety, crisp, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a tingling, stimulating, medium-length juniper, angelica, challah, and tea with cream finish. Creamy oak and warm spices entice one for another sip of this Barrel Aged Gin pleaser.
Awards: 2019 Best Barrel Aged Gin
94 points $33.99
The Art of the Still Gin
94 points
Best Buy
Clear color. Fresh, herbal aromas and flavors of lavender sachet, juniper berries and spruce tips, fresh linen and rosemary, and fresh lemon with a velvety, bright, dryish light body and a tingling, interesting, long finish with accents of coriander and chamomile, vanilla bean, orange marmalade, and pink peppercorn finish. A rich, long finish makes this a excellent contemporary martini gin.
94 points $13.99 Best Buy
Vermont Spirits Coppers Gin
94 points
Clear color. Herbal, spicy aromas of fresh citrus melange, juniper, rosemary, parsley, green onion and basil, and spicy ground black pepper and corn masa with a velvety, bright, dryish light body and a peppery, interesting, medium-length cardamom, rose water, and anise finish. An exotic, spicy gin for sophisticated g&t’s.
94 points $28.99
MTN Distillers Gin
94 points
Clear color. Interesting, peppery aromas and flavors of cinnamon candy, sports tape, ground black pepper, and lemon chiffon cake with a satiny, crisp, dryish light body and a peppery, medium-length finish with accents of gentian, italian anise cookie, and chalk finish. A vibrant stylish gin that will be very versatile.
Vigilant Navy Strength Gin
94 points
Clear color. Spicy aromas of cumin, lime peel, and barbecue potato chip with a round, crisp, dryish light-to-medium body and a peppery, subtle, medium-length ginger, black pepper, angelica root, and juniper finish. A very distinctive, spicy and lightly smoky gin that will play nicely in creative cocktails.
Nippitaty Distillery Gin
93 points
Clear color. Spicy aromas of cinnamon, coriander, celery, cardamom, orris root, lavender, and juniper with a satiny, crisp, dryish light-to-medium body and a smooth, interesting, very long ginger, honey, and caraway finish. A zesty gin with a spice cabinet of flavors that will make a great martini or Gibson.
93 points $32.99
Bulrush Gin
93 points
Clear color. Aromas and flavors of cinnamon rolls, watercress, fresh radish, and orange marmalade with a velvety, crisp, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a warming, intricate, medium-long finish that shows shades of coriander, gardenia, and juniper finish. A fresh, exuberant gin of the garden variety.
93 points $34.99