About Specialty Spirits from Georgia

About Specialty Spirits from Georgia
There are several types of spirits produced in Georgia, including vodka and whiskey, but it is brandy that is the most important. Chacha is a clear pomace brandy (a la grappa from Italy), that is one of the country's signature products. As with brandies produced in other countries, there are various quality levels based on the length of aging. VSOP brandies are the most polished and complex, with favors of coconut, toffee and pepper. These are meant for after dinner sipping.

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Marani Chacha Saperavi
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Clear color. Complex, spicy aromas of fruit cake, praline, and roasted nuts with a soft, bright, dry-yet-fruity light body and a breezy cream of wheat, malted vanilla honey milkshake, and papaya finish. A tasty, elegant grappa.
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