About American Straight Malt Whiskey

About American Straight Malt Whiskey
An American straight malt whiskey is a domestic malt whiskey (with at least 51%malt) that has been aged for two years or more before bottling. This category encompasses many examples, from very good versions made by large distillers to more limited production bourbons that have been aged for twelve years or more; the former examples are meant for cocktails, while the more expensive whiskeys - some costing as much as $200 a bottle - should be reserved for after dinner sipping, given their elegant and complex nature.

Top Picks for American Straight Malt Whiskey

Corsair Single Barrel Triple Smoke American Malt Whiskey
93 points
Deep copper color. Smoky aromas and flavors of applewood smoked caramelized bacon, toffee, and jerky with a penetrating dry-yet-fruity medium-full body and long, fuel-like mineral, white ash, chestnut honey on singed raisin toast, peat and praline finish. Super rich and lovely balance of smoke.
93 points $42.95
Troy & Sons Blonde Whiskey
84 points
Murky copper color. Aromas of Bananas Foster, toasty praline, with a hint of glued wood with a flat, dryish light-to-medium body and a terse chocolate nougat bar an mineral finish.