About Asian Spirits from South Korea

About Asian Spirits from South Korea
The most popular distilled spirit in South Korea is shoji, produced from grain or sweet potatoes. Most versions contain 20% ABV, while there are some upper echelon examples that have as much as 45% ABV. A typical shoji has a clear appearance, is light bodied and fruity with notes of melon, cream and powdered sugar aromas. Soju is traditionally served neat. There are also a number of herbal liqueurs and a few distilled spirits made from sorghum or wheat that are also produced in the country and rarely exported.

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Hite Soju
89 points
Best Buy
Clear color. Faint aromas and flavors of chalk with a soft, dry-yet-fruity light body and a silky, quick finish with accents of powdered sugar, marshmallow, and porcelain. A nice simple soju.
89 points $1.20 Best Buy
Charm Soju
87 points
Best Buy
Brilliant clear color. Clean aromas and flavors of porcelain, suggestion of sweet cream, rice cake and wafer, and taffy with a satiny, soft, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a smooth, breezy rice candy and wrapper, rain on concrete and balsa, and white chocolate water finish. A very neutral, smooth and silky soju.
87 points $2.99 Best Buy
Ssodal Soju
84 points
Clear color. Aromas of powdered milk, nutskin, and sweet potato with a flat, shy, fruity thin body and a seamless, short wax paper, rice candy, and powdered sugar finish. A rather wispy soju.
84 points $1.20