About Doppelbock

About Doppelbock
Doppelbocks vary from amber to dark brown in color and range in alcohol from 7.5-9.5%. This is a sub-category of the bock style. These beers are extra strong, rich and weighty lagers characterized by an intense malty sweetness, with a note of hop bitterness to balance the flavor. Doppelbocks were first brewed by the Paulaner monks in Munich. At the time, it was intended to be consumed as "liquid bread" during Lent. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock, Paulaner Salvator Doppel Bock and Capital Autumnal Fire.

Top Picks for Doppelbock

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock
95 points
Dark bronze color. Fruity, smoky aromas and flavors of chocolate banana cake and pudding, toffee, smoked nuts, and sundried-tomato chutney with a supple, vibrant, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a smooth, complex, very long finish that exhibits elements of honeyed lettuce and mocha gelato finish. A fantastically flavorful and instantly appealing doppelbock with tremendous versatility.
Awards: 2017 Best Doppelbock
Potosi Brewing Company Northern Method Doppelbock
94 points
Rich maroon color. Interesting aromas and flavors of chocolate and coffee with chili peppers, baked ham and beans, soy nuts, and smoked cheese with a slightly chewy, vibrant, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a tingling, refreshing, medium-long finish with notes of melted chocolate toffee, mocha gelato, dried fruits, and peppered kale finish. A deliciously rich, complex, and chewy Doppelbock with great chocolate notes.
Samuel Adams Double Bock
93 points
Clear reddish mahogany color. Attractive aromas and flavors of chocolate cherry bonbon, berry liqueur, and chocolate cake in the oven with a chewy, vibrant, finely carbonated, fruity medium-to-full body and a warming, complex, long finish manifesting accents of honey grilled yams with whipped cream, spiced nuts and dried fruits, and grilled kale finish. A decadent, chewy doppelbock that warms the body and soul.
Birra Moretti La Rossa Doppelbock
92 points
Clear reddish mahogany color. Roasted aromas of roasted nuts, cocoa-dusted dried fruits, and salted rye cracker with a satiny, bright, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a smooth, compelling, medium-long roasted carrot and parsnip, chocolate fudge cake, and hint of lemon pepper finish. A very tasty and appetizing bock that is sure to please.
Danny Boy Beer Works Danny Brau
83 points
Clear sunburst color. Aromas and flavors of roasted brussels sprouts with pancetta, chocolate sauce on cherry cake, nuts and edamame, and salted corn bread with a supple, soft, petillant, dryish thin body and a short finish. An easy quaffing style of doppelbock.