About American Style Lager

About American Style Lager
American style lagers are very light straw in color and range in alcohol from 4-5%. These lagers are clean, crisp, and light in body and flavor with low-to-no detectable hop or malt aromas. In addition to malt, many of these beers contain adjuncts such as corn and rice that are used to lessen the body and flavor. These beers originated in the US as versions of the pilsner style. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Capital Supper Club, Stevens Point Special Lager and Full Sail Session Premium Lager.

Top Picks for American Style Lager

Deschutes Brewery Pacific Wonderland Lager
92 points
Minutely hazy light gold color. Tropical aromas and flavors of citrus and mango marmalades, lemon herb muffin, orange blossom honey, and hint of balloon with a slightly chewy, vibrant, finely carbonated, dryish medium body and a tingling, engaging, medium-long finish revealing accents of egg-washed peppercorn bread, salted nuts, and radish sprouts finish. A delicious and vibrant lager that hits all the high notes.
Fulton Brewing Company Standard Lager
92 points
Bright copper color. Toasty aromas and flavors of freshly buttered toast and fancy citrus and herb soap with a supple, vibrant, effervescent, dry medium body and a graceful, medium-long finish that shows notes of salty roasted nuts, taro and root vegetable chips, and bit of asparagus frittata finish. A rich, dry crisp lager for everyday enjoyment.
Belgh Brasse La Bittt à Tibi Amos Lager Blonde
92 points
Brilliant light gold color. Aromas and flavors of peach jam on hawaiian toast, buttery roasted nuts, and saltine with a supple, bright, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a tingling, appealing, medium-length finish revealing notes of corn cakes and pudding, dried fruits, and mesclun and radish finish. A delicious, round and satisfying lager.
89 points
Yellow straw color. Aromas of steamed sweet corn, fresh cabbage, rice, and coriander with a satiny, crisp, spritzy, dry-yet-fruity light body and an even, brisk grilled pear and sweet tea finish. An easy drinking lager for the backyard or ballpark.
Fulton Brewing Company Standard Lager
88 points
Brushed gold color. Fruity aromas of orange sherbet, sliced banana, and oregano with a satiny, crisp, effervescent, dry-yet-fruity light body and a smooth, breezy mango and papadum finish. A friendly, pleasing, fuller bodied lager.
Vancouver Island Brewing Islander Lager
88 points
Minutely hazy yellow color. Aromas of labnah, matzo, and oven roasted potato with a creamy, finely carbonated, dryish light body and a graceful, medium-length crisp celery, fresh parsley, water chestnut, and fresh grain finish. A nice sudsy lager with a pleasant hop presence.
Stevens Point Brewery Special Lager
88 points
Bright gold color. Toasty aromas and flavors of cheese danish, honeyed peach, and carrots and collard greens with a supple, tangy, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a tingling, atypical, buoyant finish that exhibits notes of orange sherbet and spinach finish. An earthy lawnmower beer.
Awards: 2017 Top 2 Best American Style Lager
Stevens Point Brewery Big Charlie Special Lager
87 points
Minutely hazy old gold color. Aromas of mango yogurt, honey buttered cornbread muffin, and praline with a supple, bright, petillant, fruity medium body and an even, interesting, medium-length honey nut cereal and bit of honey candy, pineapple preserves on toast, and grape skin finish. A fun, fruity lager with crowd pleasing tendencies.
Urban Chestnut Brewing Company Urban Underdog Lager
84 points
Brilliant light gold color. Toasty, sulfurous aromas and flavors of ham and egg and cheese croissant, tortilla chips, and struck match with a supple, finely carbonated, dryish light-to-medium body and a breezy finish imparting touches of orange buttered toast, bibb lettuce, and bit of radish finish. An easy-drinking lawnmower beer that would a good upgrade for a macro drinker.
Edge Brewing Project Cool Hops Australian Lager
83 points
Hazy gold color. Toasty, grassy, green aromas and flavors of honey buttered peppercorn muffin, brussels sprouts, mango relish, and old hop pellet with a silky, vibrant, finely carbonated, dryish light body and a medium-length finish with touches of granola and starfruit finish. A round, juicy, lightly fruity hoppy lager that will appeal to American pale ale fans.