About Lambic Faro

About Lambic Faro
Faro lambic is pale golden in color and is lower in alcohol ranging from 4-5%. Commonly brewed from unmalted wheat, pilsner malt and aged hops, the unique flavor profile of these beers is a result of wild, open-air fermentation. In addition, the overall flavor profile of these beers is heavily influenced by the addition of sugar, caramel or molasses. This addition imparts a note of sweetness that balances the sharp acidic and sour notes found in other lambic styles. Faro differs from other lambic styles in that it’s not blended with other aged lambic, but instead with a lighter beer, or even water, to which sugar is added. The resultant beer is typically sweet to the palate with little of the original lambic flavor and aroma. This style of lambic is not commonly brewed today, with Lindemans Faro being the most widely-available commercial example of the style.

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Brouwerij Lindemans Faro Lambic
89 points
Pale bright copper color. Lively, toasty aromas of honey toasted hawaiian bread and caramelized fruits with a satiny, lively, effervescent, fruity sweet medium body and a tingling, delightful, medium-long peach and rhubarb jams, spiced pear, banana nut muffin, and pepper and earth finish. A tasty and refreshing, very fruity lambic.