About Fruit Beer

About Fruit Beer
Fruit beers are ales or lagers to which fruit has been added in order to impart flavor or color. The degree of overall flavor and aroma will vary in these beers in relation to not only the fruit utilized, but also to when and where fruit was added during the brewing process. These beers are highly individualistic, and allow brewers great creativity in their formulations. While the more common fruits used by brewers include cherries, strawberries and blueberries, many examples of fruit beer are readily available including coconut and kiwi to name a couple. Given the variation possible in this category, there are no established standards for appearance, aroma or flavor. Instead, beers in this category are defined by pleasing combination of the beer’s elements, overall drinkability and balance of fruit and base beer flavors and aromas. Noteworthy examples of this style include: New Glarus Belgian Red Wisconsin Cherry Beer, Samuel Smiths Organic Apricot Ale, Unibroue Quelque Chose and Stevens Point Whole Hog Raspberry Saison.

Top Picks for Fruit Beer

Rodenbach Brewery Rodenbach Alexander
97 points
Dusty mahogany color. Savory, sour aromas of reduced lemon with balsamic, sour cherry kefir, and lettuce greens with pickled veggies and vinaigrette with a satiny, vibrant, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a smooth, compelling, medium-long sourdough cherry toast with lemon-kiwi marmalade, marinated artichokes, nuts, and brandy barrels finish. A complex, delicious and flavor pack sour fruit beer that will rule at the table.
pFriem Peche Barrel-Aged Ale
94 points
Light light gold color. Spicy, savory, complex aromas and flavors of pickled melon and okra, vegetable chips, peach chutney, and iberico ham with a supple, tangy, effervescent, sourish medium body and a tingling, complex, long finish with overtones of apple cider vinegar, arugula, and pepper finish. A wonderfully appetizing sour beer with a delicate hint of peach.
Awards: 2017 Best Fruit Beer
New Glarus Brewing Co. Strawberry Rhubarb Ale
93 points
Nearly opaque burnt sienna color. Aromas and flavors of baked strawberries and rhubarb, caramel yogurt, and berry candle drippings with a supple, tart, finely carbonated, sweet-and-sour full body and a tingling, complex, very long finish revealing notes of wild strawberry vinaigrette, pickled melon, and chocolate smoked nuts finish. A rich, layered fruit beer with pleasing hints of sourness and smoke.
Delafield Brewhaus Strawberry Ale
92 points
Bright copper pink color. Aromas and flavors of strawberry preserves on toast, honey butter, and powdered almond cookie with a satiny, bright, finely carbonated, fruity medium body and a smooth, medium-length finish with notes of strawberry shortcake and white strawberry melon salad finish. A charming, super sessionable, strawberry flavored beer.
Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Organic Apricot Ale
91 points
Hazy gold color. Inviting, fruity aromas and flavors of dried apricot, peach tea, and wax-lined box of graham crackers with a round, tangy, effervescent, fruity medium body and a smooth, interesting, long finish that presents notes of apricot tart, watercress, and peach-orange salsa finish. A purely flavored, finely balanced, and appetizing apricot ale.
Awards: 2017 Best English Beer
Veza Sur Brewing Co. Mangolandia Blonde Ale
89 points
Yellow color. Interesting, toasty aromas of rice krispies cereal and sesame mango pastry with a velvety, crisp, finely carbonated, off-dry medium-to-full body and a sleek, appealing, medium-length peach-mango salsa and sorbet and chilaquiles finish. A nice tropical fruit beer for carefree sipping.
Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co. Strawberry Lemonade Ale
89 points
Dusty coral orange color. Candied aromas of strawberry juice, lemon sorbet, and peach-orange tea with a supple, effervescent, fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a smooth, delightful, medium-length strawberry pop tarts and frankenberry cereal, watermelon candies, and cream soda finish. A nostalgic flavor stroll down the childhood breakfast and candy aisles.
Jubel Alpine Lager
88 points
Pale yellow color. Fruity aromas of ripe peach, freshly baked bread with salted butter, and ripe melons with a satiny, bright, effervescent, sweet light-to-medium body and a sleek, captivating, medium-length peach cobbler, dill aioli, cucumber tea sandwiches, and yogurt with granola finish. A sweet fruit-beer packed with fresh, pure peach flavor.
ABK Rose Frisch
88 points
Steely sunburst amber color. Aromas and flavors of berry soda, lemonade, and lemon candy with a supple, vibrant, effervescent, fruity medium-to-full body and a smooth, medium-length finish that presents notes of lemon soda and sherbet, honeyed fruitcake, and mango with lemon verbena finish. A super fruity, easy drinking summer sipper; try as cocktail with gin.
Rodenbach Brewery Rodenbach Fruitage Ale
88 points
Clear mahogany color. Savory aromas and flavors of waxy fruit, pickled berries, rubber sap and leaf, and hint of varnished wood with a supple, tart, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a polished, interesting, medium-length finish with notes of endive salad with cherry vinaigrette and buttered brioche finish. An interesting sweet and sour mash up that will work nicely at the table.